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Terms and conditions of use

1.1. The site’s ownership www.fashionandmovies.com (from this point onwards,website) is the company “MODA DE CINE, MODA Y COMPLEMENTOS, SL.” (from this point onwards,MODA DE CINE) addressed to Martínez Cubells Street, 7, 46002 Valencia, CIF B-98408610.

1.2. MODA DE CINE’S Costume Service telephone: 902 013 951/ email: info@fashionandmovies.com [costumer support hours Monday to Friday 10:00 to 14:00]

2.1. The website www.fashionandmovies.com (from this point onwards, website) is an online shop with the porpoise to sell clothes based on certain films.

2.2. Using our website signifies your acceptance of our full terms and legal disclaimer, without prejudice to those peculiarities that may occur in some of the service provided by MODA DE CINE.

2.3. Access to the WEBSITE www.fashionandmovies.com direct link or through any other domain which leads you to this WEBSITE, confer the visitor the condition of CLIENT and the full acceptance of our full terms and legal disclaimer, including the contracting conditions described in this document.

2.4. MODA DE CINE reserves the right to make modifications on the offers, products listed and prices or any other aspect, including contracting conditions without notice; although those modifications won’t affect the transactions already made by the CLIENT.

3.1. Any person who wants to take advantage/buy the products on our website should be of legal age which is 14 years and above.

3.2. Without prejudice of what it has been claim before, to contract the WEBSITE products, the minors must have previous permission of his parents, tutors or legal representative, who would be considered responsible for all acts committed by those minors.


4.1.1. The CLIENT would process the order through the WEBSITE, selecting one or several of the products offered.

4.1.2. The CLIENT could process the order as an guest or a registered USER

4.1.3. The CLIENT must summit all the information required and needed for the order management, accepting the contracting conditions as well as the privacy policy described in this document.

4.1.4. MODA DE CINE, between 24 hours will confirm to CLIENT at the email provided by him, the delivery of the order.

4.1.5. The CLIENT compromised to provide MODA DE CINE with the correct contact, delivery, payment and invoicing information; and update them if necessary, otherwise MODA DE CINE does not take any responsibility.


4.2.1. The prices specified on the WEBSITE included taxes, otherwise it will be notified.

4.2.2. The CLIENT Could use any of the payment methods offered by MODA DE CINE. MODA DE CINE could delete or add payment methods on the WEBSITE, one-sided.

4.2.3. MODA DE CINE has no access to the bank details linked to the payment methods and does not recognize those details through the payment.


4.3.1. The products prices do not include postage, those will be listed separately, otherwise it will be notified

4.3.2. The postage will be assume and must be accepted by the CLIENT or the delivery provider.

4.3.3. MODA DE CINE will inform the CLIENT about the delivery term while the purchased, otherwise it will be inform by the delivery provider.

4.3.4. The CLIENT is responsible of any mistakes in the delivery address, and they might involve extra costs, those won’t be assumed by MODA DE CINE in any case.

4.3.5. It concerns to the addressee to check the order status when delivered, as well as the verification that the order is what it was requested through the WEBSITE. The withdraw and return rights and conditions listed in this document could be applied in any case.

4.3.6. The logistic management of the CLIENT orders concern to the business hired by MODA DE CINE, then MODA DE CINE does not take any responsibility for any breach of contract done by the logistic operator.


4.4.1. The CLIENT could use his withdraw right the next 15 working days since the delivery.

4.4.2. The CLIENT, to be able to use his right, must declare his will to withdraw the product at the email info@modadecine.com. MODA DE CINE will answer the CLIENT specifying the accurate instructions to follow for it.

4.4.3. The postage and risk linked to the withdraw will be in charge of the CLIENT, who must send us with security and guarantees to assure the perfect condition of the product returned.

4.4.4. MODA DE CINE will refund the product’s price, at the bank account given by the CLIENT, between 30 days since the CLIENT use his withdraw right.

4.4.5. MODA DE CINE will not admit the return of any damaged product if this damage is due to the CLIENT’s manipulation.

4.4.6. The return must be done in its original package, in perfect condition, no damaged, used by the CLIENT and it will be send to where MODA DE CINE indicates in the instructions given to the CLIENT. Likewise, the package should be identified accurately in order to specify the sender to return.


If the product sent to the CLIENT is originally defective, MODA DE CINE will respond of the fault founded within a term of 2 years since the delivery. The CLIENT must communicate to MODA DE CINE the faults within a term of 2 months since the acknowledge of those, before the expire date of two years.

5.1. MODA DE CINE owns the copyright and patent rights, or it has obtained the authorizations or licenses for the operating profit, application, information, computer programs and the rest of activities and inventions content or related to this WEBSITE and also the technologies related to it.

5.2. The WEBSITE contents, including designs, applications, texts, images and font code (“Content”), are protected by the copyright and patent rights.

5.3. The WEBSITE contents cannot be used, reproduce, copied, transformed or broadcasted in any way without the previous, written and explicated permission of MODA DE CINE.

5.4. MODA DE CINE declares that all products commercialized on the WEBSITE are original pieces created by professional designers, who have authorized MODA DE CINE for its operating profit and commerce throught the WEBSITE.

5.5. MODA DE CINE is a trademark company owned by MODA DE CINE, MODA Y COMPLEMENTOS S.L. CIF: B-98408610 domicilied in C/Martínez Cubells, 7, 46002, Valencia.

5.6. Any mention to movies, scenes or characters related to the cinematographic world are mere references with the porpoise to provide to the users the identification of the models, actors, actress, situations, scenes and other elements used as inspiration by the fashion designers of the products offered on the WEBSITE.

5.7. MODA DE CINE does not own the copyright nor patent rights of the movies, characters’ names or scenes referred on the WEBSITE.

6.1. In observance of the Organic Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data, of the 13th of December, we inform you that registering on the WEBSITE means the consent for the treatment of the personal data to be included as part of the data base of MODA DE CINE with the propose to its commercial management, as well as the aim to inform about new features, products, offers and services by MODA DE CINE, through any channel, including electronically.

6.2. We inform that access, correction, cancelation and opposition rights can be used by sending a written communications attaching a ID card or equivalent documents to the address specified before or to the email info@modadecine.com; specifying the will of use those rights.

6.3. MODA DE CINE commits to implement the security, technical and organizational measures to guarantee the privacy policy, as well as the confidentiality and secret of the information.

6.4. MODA DE CINE could use data storage and recovery devices, also known as cookies, in its computer with the purpose to know the information of its visitors, in any case, cookies will deal with personal data. Its navigator, in some occasions, will generate an instant message to give the visitor the chance to opposite to the installation of those devices.

6.5. If opposing to the cookies installation, the navigation through the website won’t be altered, just in those cases when the cookies are needed to activate or maintain some especial functions of the website.

6.6. On another side, supposing that your navigation does not have automatic cookies disable tool that can be done following the instructions given by your navigator.

7.1. MODA DE CINE do not assume any responsibility for the publication, on the website, of any link to other sites where MODA DE CINE has no legal authority, and where CLIENT might be subject to its use terms and privacy policy.

7.2. MODA DE CINE does not assume any responsibility or the mistakes and delays in the WEBSITE access done by CLIENT, for the impossibility of personal details or data introduction, , for the slowness or impossibility of the addressees to receive the order confirmation or any anomaly that might occur when those incidents are due to connection problems alien to MODA DE CINE and its responsibility and intervention capacity, as due to force majure or any other unpredictable contingency alien to the company’s good faith. Likewise, it takes no responsibility on the failures or incidents that might occur through the communications as delete or incomplete transfer, there is no guarantee that the website service would be permanently operative and/or accessible.

7.3. MODA DE CINE does not assume any responsibility about the no operating capacity or reception problems or email provided by CLIENT and/or the users for the order confirmation.

7.4. The access, contracting and use of the products and services offer by MODA DE CINE requires a computer and internet connection. The costs associated to those elements are not included in the prices describe in the legal disclaimer.

8.1. Any incident not foreseen in the present conditions, as well as the interpretation and conflict resolution that might rise between the parts, the Spanish legislations will be applied.

8.2. The parts, are subjected, as its own will, for the conflict resolutions or resignation to any other law, tot the court and tribunals located in the CLIENT’s area. Likewise, as an entity joined to the CONFIANZA ONLINE and the terms of its code of ethics, given the case of controversies related to the contracting and online publicity, privacy policy and accessibility, the CLIENT could use the extrajudicial conflict resolution system of CONFIANZA ONLINE (www.confianzaonline.es)