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Fashion and dreams

Fashion and Movies is the result of a dream shared by all of us in this team of designers. Apart from fashion, we are also fascinated by the cinema. We are dreamers who know Audrey Hepburn’s body measurements and all the words she said to George Peppard in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” by heart. We have recreated, a hundred times over, the flight of the dresses that Grace Kelly wore on the French Riviera under the orders of Alfred Hitchcock, and we are moved by the cool way Richard Gere transforms Julia Roberts, a vulgar woman, into the most elegant in one in Los Angeles.


Clothes with a story

The great classics have marked a milestone in Hollywood and the European film industry, but they have also set the trend in the world of fashion.


Sewing workshop

We have materialised all these passions in a very special sewing workshop that reproduces and updates some of the most spectacular dresses in the history of the cinema. Our dresses and tops have their own history. They are garments that speak of places, characters, sensations, dreams … They are ageless and for all time, because they continue to be completely up to date. The cinema never goes out of fashion, nor do cinema fashions.


Design and inspiration

The icons of the past live on today. Why not wear their dresses, then? We want to give women what they want, classic fashion brought up to date and wearable on any occasion. Dresses for a special celebration but also for a more casual dinner… Our designers, inspired by the seventh art, are exclusive and have exceptional finishes that allow you to dream like we do. Would you like to be part of the elegance of the dreamers?